Accademia internazionale dello Yoga & della Meditazione


About this Teacher training:

Hatha Yoga

With Hatha Yoga you learn the most well-known and spread style of yoga in the Western culture. The term finds its origin in the Sanskrit language. `Ha´, meaning the sun, and `tha´ meaning moon. The practice unites the active (yang) and receptive qualities to gain equilibrium between body, mind and soul. Physical alignment and breath control can be seen as a prerequisite for meditation. The ultimate goal of all yoga is liberation. You will learn a broad variety of postures and breathing techniques in this teacher training as well as cleansing methods for the body.

And of course you get a good background of what it is all about with yoga. Theory and practice are in balance so are body and mind!

Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga is a so-called cold form of yoga because the postures are not primarily targeting the muscles (as in yang style). It is a slower-paced, more meditative version of yoga, the postures are held for a long period of time (typically three to five minutes or even longer) to target the connective tissues (such as the ligaments, tendons, fascia). The time allows gravity to deepen the practice as it deepens the stretch and addresses thus the deeper structures in the body (e.g. fascia, connective tissues). Staying in the posture for quite some time allows the mind to slow down and opens the space for meditation. This can be a real challenge and cannot be underestimated!

Kundalini Yoga

Lo Yoga Kundalini è una forma molto antica che viene praticata da poco tempo in occidente. Questo tipo di Yoga si basa su una combinazione di posture e tecniche di respirazione. Le posizioni sono associate a specifiche tecniche di respirazione che intensificano l’addestramento. Le sequenze del Kundalini Yoga sono dette Kriyas e sono eseguite velocemente e ripetutamente. Si possono anche eseguire diverse posture respirando in maniera consapevole. Se hai provato a praticare lo Yoga tradizionale e vuoi aumentare l’intensità, dovresti provare il Kundalini.

Questo stile mira al risveglio dell’energia (Kundalini), la connessione con l’essenza attraverso il respiro. Volendo, si può dire che questo stile di Yoga è veloce ed interessante per le persone che sono maggiormente interessate all’aspetto spirituale dello Yoga.

Molly Cofman was introduced to yoga in 1993 in Tucson, Arizona while on a journey to keep herself healthy as a dancer. Although in coming from a dance background she connected immediately with the asana practice, Molly found herself intensely inspired to learn more about yogic philosophy. Molly’s interests in Taoism and Buddhist philosophy have shaped many of her endeavors, including her pursuit of studying Traditional Chinese Medicine. Yoga was a healing resource both for life as well as for the duration of Molly’s professional dance career with River North Chicago Dance Company in Chicago, where Molly lived and taught for many years. Once she finished medical school, Molly began to pursue her formal training as a yoga instructor in order to share more knowledgeably the beauty of yoga.  She has studied under acclaimed teachers in both the Ashtanga and Anusara traditions and now studies traditional Hatha yoga in Kerala, India.

Sonja Elfers 

Sonja is an economist, Yoga and Meditation Teacher, Energy and Spiritual Consultant. She also organizes seminars in different countries.

In 2013 she and her partner Marten opened their beautiful old Italian house to guests that seek peace, self-growth and to share their love for Yoga.

Sonja about herself: "Looking for more sense and joy in life I discovered Kundalini yoga about 15 years ago. Right from the beginning I knew yoga would play an important role in my life. Practicing Yoga and Meditation have become a vital part of my daily routine and it helps me to concentrate and to face challenges better. I love to share this love for Yoga with you."

Hari Anand about his co-trainer: “her quality is teaching the Divine like I have only seen a few others can do …”

Hari Anand

"You can ignite in others only the fire that burns in yourself" (Augustinus) ..

Hari Anand practices Yoga since 25 years and teaches it since 12 years. And although his time is mainly occupied by teaching in his international Yoga-Alliance accredited Yoga Center in Gran Canarias, he is determined to continue his research on different Yoga-Styles all over the world and always finding time to experience different cultures. Especially Italy is “on his list” since several years and when he heard about the possibility for a Co-Operation in summer 2019, he immediately said Yes!

Hari Anand about himself:

I am an Inside and outside multi traveler, happiness researcher, change maker, 1000 new ways finder, humanator, hypnotherapist, lazy yogi and a pragmatic Yoga Teacher from the bottom of the heart. He studied Western and Eastern Medicine. Speaker, writer and course director of PranaPure School.