LaughingTrees Village Italia

L'unione di antiche conoscenze sciamaniche e l'avanguardia del pensiero olistico

19.-26.  February 2017

What’s SEX got to do with it?

Celebrating Love, Sex and Intimacy

Residential Seminar with Ana Rhodes & Margaretha Doderer

A week for getting rid of old destructive stories, discovering the vital energy of sexuality, rekindling the flame of love towards your partner, exploring new ways of relating, rediscovering the adventure of intimacy: each day will start with exercises that will lead us into the body and the heart, increase our vibration through reconnecting with nature - outside and inside us. In the afternoon, Ana Rhodes will lead us to explore the transpersonal experience of regaining integrity and life force according to the method of Process Work.

In addition to all that ... Will we hike the volcano, swim in the sea and enjoy the beaches? Of course, we will!




  A collaboration of:

LaughingTrees Village (Italy) & Centro de Transformacion del conflicto humano (Spain)

Ana Rhodes 

Transpersonal Psychotherapist

trained in Process Work with

many years of experience in

areas of individual and group

supervision and consultancy



Margaretha Doderer

Holistic Counselor Trainer, Facilitator of groups and Leader of Laughingtrees Village since 2010.

M. Doderer è iscritta nel registro professionale dei Counselor Olistici della SIAF con il livello Trainer, codice UM136T-CO; iscritta nel registro professionale dei Operatori Olistici della SIAF con il livello Supervisore, codice UM019S-OP. Professionista disciplinato ai sensi della Legge n° 4/2013.

In this seminar we will be exploring the connection between the divergent but related creative forces of Sex, Love and Intimacy. The subtleness of Intimacy, the ecstatic nature of Love and the fires of Passion are internal transformative resources in our Human journey . Loving congruently is a path to bringing the fullness of who we are into deep contact with each other. Sexuality is a communication process and a place where many of our issues meet, such as personal history and potential abuse or shame, however it is also a place of transpersonal experiences in which we melt with our life force and can encounter our wholeness. 

Many of us enter into altered states as soon as we get close to one another. Intimacy and closeness are moments of subtle communication and flow that can enable deep learning , healing and transformation. During this experiential journey we will co-create a space of safety where we can explore High and Low dreams in relationships. We will honor our own rhythm of relating and learn skills and awareness to support a sense of freedom and joy to fully bloom in our relationship world. This seminar welcomes Diversity in all areas, such as: sexual orientation, style of relationships, gender, race, age, status of relationship (single, couples or other) cultural background…etc.

Why Tenerife? Because it is a volcanic island with a vital nature and overflowing sensuality. It is far from everything and this helps us to let go of the cage of habits and dare to make the leap into the new ...... and finally I suggest you watch the island's shape and the shape of the volcano!


The seminar will be formed by two parts: during the first one led by Margaretha Doderer and taking place in the morning from 9.00 to 11.00 we will be in nature working on discovering our own nature; during the second one in the afternoon from 15.30 to 19.30 we will work on sexuality, intimacy and love with Ana Rhodes. The course will be translated from English into Italian.

The cost of one seminar for payments made before November 30th,2016 is 400€ . From that date onwards the price will be 520€. For  those who want to participate in both of the seminars on sexuality (November 2016 and February 2017) the total price is 700€ in case of reservation before 30th November. (50% of the course is to be paid immediately, the rest by the 15th of January 2017.)

Food & accommodation not included.


The nearest airport to the Seminar house is Tenerife North (TFN, Los Rodeos). It must be put into account the cost of transportation from the airport to the hotel, which is not included in the price (the transport system works well on Tenerife; a taxi costs about 25 euro).

House Seminars: Jardín Mariposa

The work on sexuality needs an environment that allows a field in peace, in nature, taking care to stay in a place that has the sensitivity to accommodate a group of people in process. We found it on the coast of Tenerife in the “butterfly garden”.

The costs for bed and breakfast:

287 € in triple room; 357 € in double room; 456 € in a single room.

The costs in half board are:

392 € in triple room; 462 € in double room; 581 € in a single room.

The cost for full board are:

469 € in triple room; 567 € in double room; 686 € in a single room.

(All prices listed above are per person)

Camino Jagre 11, E - 38370 La Matanza, Tenerife, Si può contattare la struttura via WhatsApp in

Phone &Whatsapp: (0034) - 652 211 282, Mail: (english, spanish, german)


For reservation and informations about the seminarhouse contact directly Mariposa or our italian help, that speaks italian and english:
Valentina Mecacci 320 236 0631;  

General Information: 0039-3282389528, mail: (English, German, Italian)