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“Now, after having done prior preparation through life and other practices, the study and practice of Yoga begins” Rumi

Changing Habits

When you participate in Yoga course, a retreat or a Yoga Teacher Traingin, each day you do something different, you live different and finally you become different!

It needs generally 21 -66 days of a new practice to change a habit. So, an intensive training of 21-27 days makes a strong impact on your energy, your thinking, your behaving. Each morning a Yoga session or/and meditation, diving everyday into the philosophy of Yoga, eating no processed but vegetarian and vegan food, avoiding refined sugar, alcohol and caffeine: this does not pass without a transformational shift in your body, your mind and your spirit.

Then once got back home your body remembers how life is juicy, sweet and meaningful without distraction, self-harming habits and poisoning thoughts.

Gaining Wisdom

What’s easier? Reading about the benefits of cold therapy or testing it out for yourself with a cold shower?

Obviously reading. But we have millions of people on this planet that have a lot of knowledge and a huge lack of wisdom. Their knowledge do not bring them anywhere. It’s just thinking, talking …without result.

Because for becoming more wiser you must have courage, you must leave the comfort zone and live the knowledge, live the life without fearing to fail. It needs the mind of a warrior, the heart of a mother and the openness of a child. During a Yoga Teacher Training, you are in the middle of a battle: your thoughts, your feelings get moved by your determination, by your connection and trust. Be in resistance and you will not have a lot of fun. Therefore, on your Yoga-Mat you train your ability to overcome fear and resistance and find the strength to do it consistently.

Then once got back home: your body knows how it is to go further, to just not quitting. This body-wisdom you will not loose anymore. Means: you got a little bit stronger, a little bit wiser.


You can decide a million time to do a diet, to change this and that, but when this “decision” comes from the mind and not from listening to mind and body, then there is no substance, no power to go through. You will struggle with a weak commitment.

So, it seems almost to easy, that just by becoming aware of pain, of posture, of holding back the breath, of tension in the shoulders, of whatever expression your body chooses to wake you up, can give you the key for change. But thousands and thousands of people experience this all over the world and every day: focus consciously on you, your body, your breath, your thoughts and your feelings and open yourself up to be of service to life in a regular way brings a shift, create the ability to enable solutions. In an easy way. Change just happens!

Becoming a Yogi

The best here is, that at the end of the Training you will have understood, that there is never an end in learning! So, if you are practicing Yoga since years, you might already having discovered this truth: Perfection is an illusion of the mind. Becoming a Yoga Teacher is not the end, but another beginning. Excellence and impeccability are instead unneglectable attributes of a Yogi. So if you are an experienced Yogi or a beginner: the challenge and the beauty of Yoga is the same: it depends of your dedication, your beginners-mind that allows you to enjoy the journey, your love for life and your connection to your higher dream, that makes the difference if you are a Yogi or …not.

At the end. .. it is a spiritual Journey

Yoga is not gymnastic. And yes, it is Gymnastic. You stretch, you move, you sweat, you train. And even if you just want to become more fitter and healthier, you still can not avoid that there is another sublime change going on. Because there is no separation between body, mind, your feelings and your connection to the essence.

Gained more flexibility in your body? Clearly got also more flexibility in mind and emotions!

Got more endurance, physical resilience? You can be sure that the same happened in your mind and emotions!

You got more connection to your body? What else than a most beautiful expression of the Everything, of the source you are! So, connecting to yourself you connect to “God” to the source!

It is almost impossible to practice Yoga without becoming more aware of who you are and what you want and to get eager to know more about you and the world.

But if you are looking for answers, seeking for knowledge and wisdom, if you are hungry for meaning and sense, then the yogic path can offer you an universe to explore.