Accademia internazionale dello Yoga & della Meditazione


About this Teacher training:

Molly Cofman, from Three Treasures Yoga, believes in a yoga that is rooted in its history and traditional teachings, accessible and relevant in the present, and useful to the need of each individuals growth and development. Through this interdisciplinary portal, they strive to inspire curiosity and a deep dedication to learning in students. Three Treasures Yoga teach a strong foundation of the eight limbs of Classical Hatha yoga, and offer an authentic base of knowledge from which students can investigate intelligently and creatively, the ever-changing face of yoga in a modern world

These Courses have been developed by Virginia Wood, Massimo Cantara, and Molly Cofman; the classes draw upon the traditions and teachings of Hatha yoga, Dynamic yoga, Iyengar yoga, martial arts, healing techniques, body work, and traditional Chinese medicine. Being a dedicated student is the key to successful teaching. While many entering this program go on to be successful teachers, many enter the program to simply deepen their own investigation and experience of yoga

Hatha Yoga

With Hatha Yoga you learn the most well-known and spread style of yoga in the Western culture. The term finds its origin in the Sanskrit language. `Ha´, meaning the sun, and `tha´ meaning moon. The practice unites the active (yang) and receptive qualities to gain equilibrium between body, mind and soul. Physical alignment and breath control can be seen as a prerequisite for meditation. The ultimate goal of all yoga is liberation. You will learn a broad variety of postures and breathing techniques in this teacher training as well as cleansing methods for the body.

And of course you get a good background of what it is all about with yoga. Theory and practice are in balance so are body and mind!

Yoga is…..

A way of life.

Yoga offers us practices to help us find our way toward freedom and contentment in life.  There are many different paths of yoga, and it is important to find the right one for you in any given moment.  Yoga becomes an approach to all of life, on and off the mat, and your practice becomes your best teacher.  

Molly was introduced to yoga in 1993 in Tucson, Arizona while on a journey to keep herself healthy as a dancer. Although in coming from a dance background she connected immediately with the asana practice, Molly found herself intensely inspired to learn more about yogic philosophy. Molly’s interests in Taoism and Buddhist philosophy have shaped many of her endeavors, including her pursuit of studying Traditional Chinese